And what it can do for your Wellness Journey

June 14, 2021

Sleep is important as most of us know, yet 1 in 3 adults are not getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep can have a bigger impact on your health than you realize. Experts generally recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but the more active you are in your daily life the more sleep you will need. Here are 4 benefits of sleep:

1.Sleep boosts your immune system

When properly rested your immune system will be more effective in fighting off anything it has to. Having proper sleep can also boost the effectiveness of vaccines!

2. Lack of sleep makes weight loss harder

Without enough sleep your hormone balance will shift, making you more hungry and less likely to feel full. Who needs to make losing weight harder?!

3. Sleep strengthens your heart

A lack of sleep will result in extra cortisol in your body, a hormone which stresses your heart and makes it work harder. This will increase the risk of things like high-blood pressure and heart attacks.

4.Sleep will make your workouts better!

It’s been proven that a lack of sleep can affect muscle recovery and performance, as well as coordination and reaction times. Get enough sleep to make sure you're performing at your best!

There are many more benefits of sleep such as improved memory, mood, and productivity but hopefully the four given is enough for you to want to catch some more ZZZs! Be sure to check back for more content soon!

-Coach Yovanni


Jump Rope Buyers Guide

Choosing the right rope for you

June 7, 2021

For many beginners jumping rope can be one of the more difficult movements to get down. Whether you’re trying to get your first double under or are just trying to string a few single unders together, having your own jump rope which is properly sized will go a long way in your journey. Many people do a disservice to themselves by borrowing ropes that are well-worn, and the wrong size. Jump ropes are not a big investment and I recommend that they are one of the first things you buy yourself to increase your gym-going experience. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right jump rope for you and your needs.

The Best Rope for ABSOLUTE Beginners

If you have a hard time doing jump rope at all, then I usually recommend getting a jump rope with a heavier, thicker cable. This allows you to move a little slower, and get used to jumping with a rhythm. I wouldn’t recommend this type of rope for anyone who already has single unders down, or anyone who is going to want to practice double unders. With that being said, a heavy rope can be a great way to switch up your regular jump rope training as well. I would recommend the Rogue Thai Jump ropes for this category, which come in at under $15.

Thai Rope

The Best Budget Ropes

This jump rope goes for just under $20, has an adjustable nylon cable length to get the perfect fit. The nylon coating on the cable will make this rope last longer than an uncoated cable, but it will also move a little slower. The cable is also replaceable in case anything were to happen to it. The handles are a sturdy nylon that you won’t have to worry about shattering. If you have particularly sweaty hands, or just want a little extra grip in the handles you can pay about $10 more to get a model that has a textured rubber and nylon overmold for better grip. These ropes will easily last you years before needing to be replaced.

Normal handles

Textured Handles for Grip

The Next Level

For those who are looking to get a premium jump rope, or are looking to upgrade their current rope then I would definitely recommend a rope that has metal handles. This will help increase grip, and durability. Rogue has models with aluminum handles which are nearly identical to their models with the nylon handles that come in at just under $50.

Rogue Speed Rope w/ Aluminum Handles:

There are also the RPM ropes which come in two models. One has a nylon coated cable($65), and the other has a bare steel cable($70). The bare cable will move noticeably faster than the coated cables, but the difference is not significant. The bare cables will have to be replaced more often, and are more susceptible to damage. Ultimately the cable type comes down to preference though.

RPM Bare Cable

RPM Coated Cable

Hopefully this guide will help you find the perfect jump rope for you, and increase your gym going experience. Of course there are many models that I could not cover and even different variations of the models that I did cover, but for the sake of simplicity I tried to keep this guide as succinct as possible. My goal was to make picking your jump rope easier, so hopefully this helps just one person.

-Coach Yovanni



Using BMR for weight management

May 27, 2021

So you want to get lean, shredded, or maybe you just want to lose that spare tire you’ve been holding. Maybe you want to lose that last few pounds before the summer. In this post I will teach you how to use your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to create a simple plan to help you on your weight loss journey. This plan can help both experienced athletes trying to get leaner and newbies trying to lose weight for the first time.

What is BMR, and how do you find it?

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) put simply is the amount of calories that your body needs in order to maintain its current weight. There are several BMR calculators online but they are not always very accurate. Here is one that you can use:

Since these tools are not always 100% accurate you must take 1-2 weeks to test the given amount of calories. If you are using your calculated BMR for this period of time and you do not gain OR lose weight, then you know that you have found your true BMR.

What do you do after finding your BMR?

From here the plan is simple, you are going to subtract 200-300 calories from your maintenance level. The goal is to have a slow and steady amount of progress. You can lose weight faster by having a deficit of 500+ calories but then you are risking losing lean tissue, which should be avoided. Additionally, higher deficits are going to be much harder to maintain for longer durations.

My diet is PERFECT but it’s not working!

I’m sorry to tell you, but the scale doesn’t lie. If you think your diet is perfect and the scale is not moving, then your diet is not “perfect.” You need to make sure that you have calculated an accurate BMR and that you are in a caloric deficit, if you do this correctly you will lose weight without question.

I’ve made progress but I’ve plateaued, help!

It’s common for individuals to lose a certain amount of weight before the scale inevitably begins to plateau. Assuming that your training and diet have been unchanged, here are three simple ways to get back on track:

1. Increase your caloric deficit by ~100 calories

2. Add a cardio session (preferably a minimum of 25 minutes of steady state cardio)

3. Add 5 minutes to your existing cardio sessions

One of these three options should help you bust through your plateau.

With all of that said, losing weight should be simple and easy. The harder part is keeping yourself accountable to your plan, but that’s why you have the CFEC community to back you up! Be sure to keep checking in for more fitness and nutrition tips!

-Coach Yovanni